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Our 30 years established service removes all of your payroll and auto-enrolment worries and allows you to focus on your business

We can prove this by providing you with 100 current client references with full contact details so you can check our quality

Are you facing any of these problems?

•    Resource issues
•    Payroll hassle
•    Errors (see below for a list of what we commonly inherit)
How we can help you

We take full responsibility for the payroll and auto-enrolment and guarantee our quality

We are leaders in technology when it comes your payroll, so of course our payslips are online. We want to help you with your business, for you to be more efficient, to concentrate on your business and not be distracted by the payroll, with issues, worries and stress. Furthermore we want to help you improve your processes as part of this ambition

That’s why when we start with you we’ll examine how your pay data is compiled and how it is presented to us. In both areas we will look to improve the process, to make it easier for you, with less time required and less risk of errors or misunderstandings. Where suitable we use an easy data entry portal which avoids emails and reduces the risk of errors or misunderstandings
Sometimes for larger payrolls we use customised Excels

We’ll also review the payroll timetable as we often find that time pressures can be eased or even removed

Another example of how we could help you is in dealing with HMRC – we are very experienced. We’ll have no hesitation in contacting them on your behalf, should the need arise. This will save you a lot of time and worry

We’re always working with you in partnership to improve your business life, rather than just be a service at arms length. So just ask if we can help you – it’s our pleasure to respond

Meet payroll processing deadlines
Deal with staff queries
Keep up to date with payroll legislation


Payroll Testimonials


Your dedicated personal resource

A special part of our service is that we provide you with a UK payroll officer to act as your ongoing point of contact, so you keep the same person. This helps us understand your payroll needs. It also helps you sort out payroll issues with confidence and ease. We provide cover for staff holidays and sickness.

Each of our 13 payroll officers is fully trained in all aspects of payroll and the legislation. You can also rely on our professional systems and procedures

BookCheck is accredited with the prestigious standard of ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems.

We have a really high net promoter score - see comments from our clients

We use industry leading Iris Payroll Professional which is a robust, safe and thoroughly settled system.

Tried and tested

BookCheck has been providing a fully outsourced payroll service since 1994. Confidentiality and security are crucial to our success and reputation. All necessary legislation changes are introduced in good time, with no disruption.

We provide 100 client references across all our payroll staff so that you can check before you decide. That's THE way to prove our service is as good as we boast. You’ll find that that we have a terrific reputation for reliability, accuracy and personal service. If, after three months, you find that BookCheck Payroll with pension Auto Enrolment does not suit your needs, our fees will be fully refunded and the contract cancelled.

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The sort of errors we inherit

We have many clients who came to us with existing problems, some of which they weren't even aware of! Check the list below for examples of the problems we have solved for our new clients over the last year. Or see our fuller list of common payroll errors

Incorrect submissions to HMRC Corrected all issues and submitted revised info to HMRC
Non-filing penalties for 5 payrolls in a group Brought all PAYE schemes up to date and successfully appealed all penalties
Incorrect annual payrolls run for 5 director-only businesses Re-ran and resubmitted payrolls
Pension scheme set up incorrectly leading to under-deduction of contributions across two tax years Reviewed, analysed and corrected all members and employer contributions


Directors set up incorrectly as employees National Insurance incorrectly calculated
Pensions being calculated on full salary when it should be qualified earnings only Wrong calculations for employees and employers


Click here to view a full list of common payroll errors



Contact us to resolve your payroll issues

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"We are a small company that have used BookCheck for our payroll processing over the last few years. We've experienced a very personable and professional service. I would highly recommend them."

Lisa Hall, Office Manager, Imetrum Ltd

"BookCheck have been doing our Payroll for just over 5 years. I find they offer a prompt, flexible service and they have always been helpful and friendly. Our payroll always gets delivered/emailed on time. They provide a professional service and would not hesitate to recommend them to another business."

Sally Roberts, Clifton Village Butchers

"At Carpeo, we have used BookCheck since 2008. As a leading contact services provider, we’ve experienced considerable growth over that time, and BookCheck has grown with us. Our staff are the lifeblood of our service, and with the volume of staff it’s vital they are paid accurately on time and this is done in an efficient manner. Our payroll is always completed on time and to the highest of standards. We have an excellent relationship with our payroll officer Pauline. Nothing is too much trouble and questions / queries are always answered quickly. BookCheck is an excellent company to work with, completing all aspects of our payroll in a timely, friendly and professional manner."

David Williams, Director, Slowhit Ltd t/a Carpeo, Swindon

"Sue Parkhouse has been brilliant. I have been very pleasantly surprised at how little I have had to get involved in the process of transferring our payroll and setting up Auto Enrolment. Sue has handled everything and the service and communication has been first class."


Darren Stevens, MD, Prestbury Marketing

"I have worked with BookCheck now for 5 years and have always found them to be first class. They work with you to your exact requirements and take all the worries of running payroll away from you. I would highly recommend."

Rebecca Ives, Operations and Finance Manager, Ultra-Vision Fire & Security Ltd

"BookCheck take care of all our payroll needs. They are super efficient, friendly and always happy to help out with any questions I have."

Sarah Forbes, Director, Fulbright Ltd

"We have been using BookCheck for 18 years now. They have grown with us, from a payroll of just 4 to now covering over 60 staff. They offer an excellent service and have helped enormously with managing the pension contributions and payroll administration."

Mark Carden, Director, CC Ground Investigations Ltd

"We have used BookCheck for many years for their integrated bookkeeping and management accounts service and always found them helpful, efficient and friendly, so much so that we now use them for our payroll and for which they provide a light-touch, responsive and error-free service."

Trevor Fayers, Business Manager, Nextrasoft Ltd

"I operate a one-person payroll so my requirements are essentially quite simple. I've always been impressed by the efficiency of BookCheck's service, and on the odd occasion that I have had to raise enquiries, these have been dealt with both swiftly and efficiently. The service offers excellent value for money."

Chris Harrison, Director, Moly-cop UK Holdings Ltd

"BookCheck is reliable and offer good services. I can then stay focused on my business while they take care of payroll!"

Frederic Garzoni, Director, Imophoron Ltd

"BookCheck have handled our payroll for a number of years with such efficiency that one almost forgets that payroll purrs along in the background. A delight to deal with - really good people - strongly recommended."

Ian Horsfield, Director, Salty Air Limited

"We have used BookCheck for our payroll for well over 10 years, which speaks for itself. They do a great job and their personnel are friendly and approachable, as well as being very professional. We can't think of how we would cope without them!"

Suzanne Temple, Director, Blue Temple Ltd

"BookCheck have handled our payroll for a number of years with such efficiency that one almost forgets that payroll purrs along in the background. A delight to deal with - really good people - strongly recommended."

Richard Hall, Director, Rope Access Equip Ltd

"Consistently prompt, detailed and helpful. Payroll is always a nuisance and of course always under the microscope from the recipients. BookCheck have proven to be a massive help taking this off our monthly to do list and freeing up our time."

Ray Hall, The Centre for Adoption

"We are a small company with simple payroll requirements which BookCheck handle very well for us. I would recommend them as they are very easy to deal with."

Suzanne Carlino, Director, Hublot Ltd

"We have been using BookCheck for over two years and they have demonstrated a high degree of responsiveness, and accuracy throughout that period - essential in payroll services. They also understand that changes can happen late in the process and, as a consequence, their quick response and easy to use reports are a definite boon."

Tim Berg, Chief Operating Officer, The Lord's Taverners Ltd

"Our charity outsourced its payroll to BookCheck a year ago, and we have been so impressed with the quality and speed of their service ever since. Definitely recommend it!"

Dan Green, MD, Bridges for Communities

"We have used BookCheck for several years now to professionally manage and administer our company payroll.  It is a specific area which becomes more and more complicated, especially with the introduction of pension Auto Enrolment.  The prompt and correct payment of salaries is one of the most important tasks for any company and we continue to totally rely on BookCheck for this especially now that they have automated the process which significantly reduced the administration.  We would truly recommend BookCheck."

Ian Heather, MD, HRML

"I feel compelled to write to mention the excellent work and service I've just had from Christine Beard. 

I had to send our payroll info for September to her yesterday as I'm stopping for holidays this afternoon. I hadn't thought to advise that I would need to be doing it early this month so she wouldn’t have been expecting it. However she agreed to get it back to me this morning, and even waited when I sent her something I'd forgotten yesterday.

It's brilliant having such a team to back me up so cheerfully and efficiently - big brownie points!"

Ellaine Cameron, Relate Gloucestershire and Swindon