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Electronic Payslips with PayDashboard

What is PayDashboard?

PayDashboard provides a secure web portal 24/7 access to payslips and year end P60 reports. 

As part of BookCheck's commitment to provide the best service and facilities for our clients and their employees, we provide electronic payslips. PayDashboard is a very convenient way for employees to receive their payslip and year end P60 report, allowing them to access this information 24/7, including on a smartphone.


What it offers for you as employer:

  • A clear summary, as well as a detailed analysis of your payroll on a beautifully designed and easy to understand dashboard.
  • Interactive payslips stored in a secure online vault - it's like digital banking for payslips
  • Reduced queries to payroll - employee self-service enables staff to find out about their pay and easily print payslips if required
  • Employer payroll trends and insights - with simple Dashboard graphical reports and the ability to compare to previous periods
  • Intelligent employer notifications for payroll variances - never miss a change in your payroll

Benefits for you as employer:

  • Removes all the payslip and P60 distribution time and hassle
  • Eliminates the security risk of printed material
  • Speeds up the whole process
  • Eliminates all postal costs
  • One less job to think about


What it offers for you as employee:

  • Payslips, with history all in one place
  • P60 at Year End, no more searching

Benefits for you as employee:

  • Quicker than post – up to 2 days earlier
  • More secure  - protected by a user ID and password
  • No need to file data anywhere
  • Easy to find, 24/7 – no more looking for data
  • Access to history – all in one place
  • Designed for smart phones, tablet and PC
  • All the queries associated with payslips explained in plain English, minimising the time spent on fielding queries
Payslips with PayDashboard

Additional Resources and Information

User Case Study

Find out how one employee using PayDashboard realised through her payslip that she was owed £100s in overpaid tax.

Pay Dashboard Stats

From the average time that employees spend looking at their payslips, to the most popular content articles - some compelling facts to back up why we use PayDashboard.

Find Out More About PayDashboard

 Watch these short demonstrations of the employee payslips and employer dashboard.

Need professional help with your payroll?

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