Are you ready to Migrate to Xero?

Xero Migration

Are you thinking of moving to Xero?

You want to be sure of a successful change but will be concerned about the implications and requirements, plus the effect it could have on your business.
This is why it’s best to use an expert resource, such as that provided by BookCheck who will take responsibility for the whole process. We use Xero in our own business and are fully Certified on the software, including the migration.  Xero is our number one recommendation for cloud accounting because of its ease of use and ability to integrate with a huge number and variety of complementary systems, called add-ons.

As Xero certified migration experts we understand how challenging it can be to make the switch if you are not familiar with the process and what is required. There are unknowns and risks. Some migrations are relatively straightforward but many are not. If handled incorrectly you will be starting Xero on the wrong foot, with consequences. Avoid the hassle - use the BookCheck Xero Migration Service - we will have you up and running in the easiest possible way.

Case Study below

The choice

You could have a go yourselves at migrating or you could outsource it to a company that has completed many migrations, all successfully, saving you time and headaches. 

Please note BookCheck offers this service independently or in conjunction with our book-keeping with management accounts provision.

What does our migration service include?

Our service really is an all encompassing “end to end” solution that includes:
  • Initial planning and project timetable
  • Full data conversion, including as much history as required
  • Reconciliation of bank accounts
  • Matching of credit notes 
  • Checking of tax rates
  • VAT return reconciliation
  • Set up of stock items
  • Reconcile Xero to the old system
Which software can we migrate to Xero?
In a word – everything. The most common we’ve handled are: Sage Line 50, QuickBooks and Excel. Sage 200 is an example of an unusual conversion, completed successfully. BookCheck - a safe pair of Xero certified hands.

Why choose BookCheck for your migration?


BookCheck are Xero Certified Migration specialists which means we guarantee success.   

There is nothing more valuable than our huge experience of migrating to and setting up Xero for businesses of all sizes and types. To complement this skill we are expert Xero book-keepers, so we know intimately what is required to control the migration.

Setting up a business on Xero can be tedious and time consuming.  It can also be problematic and risky. We will handle this for you and save you time and worry to get on with running your business.  

Check our testimonials

"We moved to BookCheck in November 2018 and it has proven to have been an excellent decision. It's allowed us to focus our efforts on our business as we have such confidence in their abilities to cover the bases on the finance side. Working with the fantastic team we have made big gains in streamlining and simplifying the finance side of our business. A great company with great people." Andy Hill, Director, The King of Shaves Company Ltd

Read a case study here that demonstrates an openness to using add ons to transform business processes.

After the Migration

After migrating to Xero is the perfect time to look for efficiencies by considering Xero add-ons which is complementary software such as stock, order processing, payments systems, expenses, debt chasing, link to Amazon. BookCheck has an in-house Xero add-on expert who can help you choose the best fit for your particular requirements. Some Xero add-ons are truly amazing in how clever they are and how much time they save, at the same time eliminating manual errors in transferring data.

This will clearly save your business time and money, not just once but ongoing every day. For some of our clients the effect has been literally transformational and is saving them over £20,000 per annum. Not only that but the process levels and customer service have been raised substantially and the staff are feeling totally connected in a company wide solution.

Xero Migration - A Case Study

Before BookCheck

  • The company was using a very clunky, expensive and time-consuming Sage 200 system. Sales had to be double entered and bank transactions manually posted, then reconciled. The stock financial reconciliations were very fiddly. It was not a user friendly or intuitive system.
  • It could be very slow at times, especially when running reports. This could result in ‘freezing’ which meant everyone had to log out. 
  • Stock reordering was very difficult. 
  • Financial reports were very basic e.g. it was not possible to produce a comparative P&L. A lot of obsolete data (such as old customers and suppliers, bills of material) couldn’t be deleted – adding to the clumsiness and slowness.
  • In short, a time consuming, basic system, which was overcomplicated and required a lot of manual intervention.

Before BookCheck - the problems

Some of the stock, order and sales processes were very time consuming and inefficient. None of the systems spoke to each other. This made ensuring enough stock was available very tricky.   

Sales from abroad increased massively. Orders are processed through the website – via a Shopify store. But Shopify doesn’t speak to Sage directly, so all transactions had to be manually entered. 

Payments for Shopify orders come from different sources, such as credit cards and finance providers. This also did not link to Sage, so all receipts had to be manually entered and reconciled, using clearing accounts (due to the nature of how Sage recorded the sales). This meant reconciling at month end was a mammoth task.

How BookCheck helped effect a Transformation

•    Made a business case for migration to Xero
•    Handled the whole migration from Sage
•    Reported on and sourced Xero add-on solutions
•    Fully installed and integrated the add-ons

With BookCheck - the Solution

The BookCheck Xero development team identified and investigated a number of options. This resulted in the choice of Xero with two major add-ons which fitted the needs of the company.


Integrates directly with Shopify. All orders are pushed through on a daily basis once marked as paid in Shopify. These orders are then available to be processed either ex stock or by a production order. Invoices are sent to customers at the touch of a button. These feed directly through to Xero as drafts where they are checked and approved. They are then matched to the receipts on the bank feeds in Xero.

Stock tracking and control

Stock levels are monitored real-time. Alerts are set which trigger when products need to be reordered, allowing the planning of purchases based on the sales orders entered. 


The add-on creates bills of materials with sub bills.


The add-on integrates directly with Xero to feed through sales and cost of goods sold for accurate reporting of monthly figures.


The add-on has a good range of reports, including basing these on individual products, customers and time periods to see how they are performing.

Savings and Benefits

This completely new, cloud-based setup, has provided the business with a transformational solution which streamlines processes, saving a great deal of time and effort.
•    Cloud based for ease of access
•    Far lower system costs
•    Accurate cost of goods calculations to enable better decision making
•    Fully customisable sales invoices and documents to send to customers
•    Manages customer information all in one place
•    Ensures products are ordered when needed
•    Direct integration with Xero – saves substantial time processing invoices, customer receipts, purchases and payments
•    Better visibility and control – full sales and stock reconciliations between Xero and the add-on are now easily completed

Next Step

Contact us today to start the process. We will listen to your requirements and let you know how Xero will help transform your business.