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It's taken us 20 years to work this one out............


Since we started BookCheck in 1994, so hey it's our 20th birthday, we've always handled all the bookkeeping (apart from the sales side) as the basis for producing Management Accounts. But recently we realised that we haven't properly described the two as combined, we've showed them as two distinct services on our menus, our email signatures, our cards - everywhere. So at long last we have rebranded throughout BookCheck to "Bookkeeping with Management Accounts". It's subtle but important that we are clear.

So not just Bookkeeping and not just Management Accounts but the two together. What differentiates us from a firm of bookkeepers or a firm of accountants is our guarantee that all our Management Accounts are both thoroughly checked and issued personally by a qualified accountant.

So before you reach 20, or even if you have, it's worth checking that you really do explain clearly what your business does. Being clear to you is not enough.

Take a peep at our website and see if you think we have 'done the job' - we would very much appreciate your comments.

Anthony Pilkington, Managing Director, BookCheck Ltd