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How to Differentiate your Business


I guess all businesses need to. All the gurus say that's the thing to do but it's taken us 18 years to recognise that, whilst in our minds we know the difference, our prospective clients might not. There are hundreds of sites proclaiming something rather similar to BookCheck (Sage, book-keeping, management accounts & payroll) and we don't want to be confused. So what to do?

After all these years of trying we need a different approach and I think I've established the principles so check me out. We have the extra dimension that we want to appeal both directly to prospective clients and also to sources of new clients – accountants, banks, part time financial directors and advisors. That’s quite tricky because there are two directions. In a way it's easy. First we have to be clear in our own mind what it is. Then we need to find the words and medium - at this stage we can use professionals to guide us. Perhaps the last stage is to road test it by asking prospective clients, do some simple market research, ask our business colleagues. If you look at our website - it's work in progress! So how clearly do you differentiate your business?