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1st March 2022
If you want a more efficient business with lower overheads and clearer management information, the answer is Xero BookCheck helps customers grow through clever bookkeeping and management reporting – and its expertise at moving customers to the next generation of accounting software is proving to be transformational for the businesses it works with. READ MORE
14th December 2021
The COVID pandemic has had a dramatic affect on many aspects of our daily lives. For businesses though some aspects of these changes are likely to have a lasting impact and may even become a new type of business as usual. In this blog we look at the arguments for why COVID has made the arguments in favour of outsourcing bookkeeping even stronger than pre-COVID. READ MORE
2nd August 2021
What Good MI looks like In short, it's quality information that allows you to make informed management decisions to improve the profitability and value of your business. Good implies that it meets your individual requirements, it’s sufficiently detailed but not too much and that you fully understand it – you own it. But it needs to be prompt – another ingredient of Good. It needs to tick all these boxes to be successful.  READ MORE
24th November 2020
For an organisation that combines outsourced bookkeeping with management accounts, you would expect us to be “fans” of what good quality MI or what we would call management accounts, can do for a business.    We have heard MI compared with the devices connected to a modern car being serviced – the type which gives the mechanic an immediate picture of a raft of key statistics. READ MORE
29th November 2019
In our 25 years of experience we often take on clients with issues, often unknown, surrounding their management accounts. If you’re serious about improving you profitability then naturally you’ll ensure that you receive promptly, every month, the key information, both financial and non financial, that you need to run your business effectively and efficiently. READ MORE
11th February 2019
Management Accounts – Part two in a series of three blogs. In this the second of three blogs we look at who uses Management Accounts, what are the reasons for producing Management Accounts? Who uses management accounts? • owners/managers • investors • banks/lenders • factoring/invoice discounting • accountants • tax planners Why produce them? READ MORE
23rd September 2013
What's the biggest challenge in expanding your business? Is it resources or is it winning orders? Is it IT? In fact your most likely challenge, even if you don't realise it, is going to be funding. Yet that seems counter intuitive because more sales equals more income - so what's the problem? It's simple to explain - it's a timing difference, in short the money goes out before more money comes in. That's the bit that needs financing. where's it coming from and how much do you need? READ MORE
28th June 2013
    Business startups are literally a journey into the unknown and entrepreneurs need to be comfortable with taking on ambiguity, uncertainty and multiple challenges. READ MORE
24th May 2013
  BookCheck is in the middle between lenders and their customers - we hear both sides. Our clear and extensive experience is that there is a disconnect between the two. Whilst lending continues, the question is how many deals have been lost because of this. And how much are growth prospects being wasted? READ MORE