Crossfields Institute

“They are very flexible, in terms of the service we receive.  We made some important changes, they were very patient, now they are really part of the Team”
Judy Foster, CEO
Crossfields Institute is an education charity, higher education institute and awarding organisation based in Stroud, Gloucestershire. The Institute develops specialist programmes and qualifications in the leadership, health and social care and the teaching sector for organisations in the UK and around the world. 

Before BookCheck - in summary

• A need to outsource and simplify the finance systems throughout the organisation 
• A requirement for quality, prompt, monthly Management Accounts
• A need for a payroll service with auto-enrolment

Before BookCheck - the problems

Crossfields Institute was using QuickBooks but it wasn’t providing the level of detail and information required, and the departmental nature of Sage would enable more efficient reporting. 
The key finance person left the organisation and it was recognised that given the size of our organisation, by outsourcing the finance function we could reduce costs and make the finance function more efficient. 
“One of our trustees suggested that we outsource to Bookcheck to look after our day to day bookkeeping and produce our monthly management reports. We were very reassured by the way they approached us and by the way they got to know us and understand our needs.”
Chief Executive Officer – Judy Foster 

With BookCheck - in summary

• Monthly accounts are prepared promptly and without hassle
• This is with full reconciliations (including accruals and prepayments) and certainty that the information is accurate
• Monthly, insightful, bespoke Management Information reports

With BookCheck - the solutions

“I would recommend BookCheck - their main selling point is their responsiveness and their ability to integrate quickly into your organisation. They are very professional and have an excellent team who are easy to work with and to get hold of. Their work is of a high standard. The good thing about outsourcing is that for a small organisation if an employee is ill then there often isn’t anyone else to do the work, but if you outsource then they can take care of it for you. ”
Chief Executive Officer – Judy Foster