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Pension Auto Enrolment - Be Fully Compliant with UK Legislation

All employers must have a suitable pension auto enrolment scheme in place, running as part of their payroll

It’s often intimidating because of its complexity.

The good news is that we’ve successfully handled many hundreds of schemes. Our clients have achieved their objective with the minimum demand on their time. We greatly simplify the whole task and in doing so we minimise the cost.

Pension Auto Enrolment - does it affect you?

If you’re an employer in the UK, the answer is yes, pension auto enrolment applies to you.

At BookCheck we know that as a business owner you’re concerned about exactly what’s involved. 

With our massive experience we’re ideally placed to handle your implementation in line with the legislation.

By taking on your payroll, we can help you to establish the right pension auto enrolment system with the minimum of effort.

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Pension Auto Enrolment - what are your responsibilities as an employer?


To provide a suitable pension scheme for auto enrolment


To make any necessary payroll changes


To keep all employees informed


To ensure employees receive information from your pension provider


To handle any employees wanting to opt-out of the scheme


To recheck the status of all employees at ever payroll run, ongoing


To re-enrol certain employees every three years


To meet your financial commitments

BookCheck has been providing outsourced bookkeeping with management accounts and payroll services since 1994 and has worked with hundreds of clients throughout the UK.

We also setup, implement and maintain the additional pension auto enrolment systems you need to be fully compliant with the legislation. We have a proven track record of delivering pension auto enrolment on time and on budget.

Pension Auto enrolment with BookCheck

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