Xero Bookkeeping

BookCheck & Xero Bookkeeping

BookCheck provides an integrated outsourced service of bookkeeping with management accounts, principally using  Xero

BookCheck is an approved Xero Platinum Partner. Our staff are Xero accredited. We provide a Xero Add-On expert to help clients improve efficiency and save costs. Sometimes this change is transformational.

Helping you make the most of your Xero bookkeeping system

Xero is the leading online cloud-based service. It’s accessible from mobile devices as well as your desktop and has many ‘add-ons’ - similar to apps, which customise or speed up accounting related processes. Our staff have undergone specific Xero training and exams to achieve Xero Platinum Partner accreditation. We can give you a demonstration, arrange a free trial or train your staff on Xero. When you’re ready we can also transfer your existing data onto the Xero system - easily.

BookCheck - An experienced partner 'in the Cloud’

Using Cloud-based software and applications means your data is held at another (more secure) site, on the internet, available 24/7, owned and operated by a service provider. Although much talked about, we’ve been using the Cloud since 2003 and we're happy to advise of its benefits for your business.

Using Cloud-based solutions means:

  • Lower cost - fewer IT services required
  • Greater security - data held on a secure server
  • Less worry – someone else's job
  • Better service – from a professional provider

How does BookCheck work with Xero and your business?

Working with us still means that you are in control of your day-to-day sales, purchasing and stock issues, as well as handling your own banking affairs. Our clients also retain an accountant for their year-end accounts, a task made easier with ongoing quality BookCheck information.

Firstly we assign a dedicated New Client Manager, always a qualified accountant, who will understand your business. Then we appoint your dedicated bookkeeper who will look after your purchase ledger, reconciliations and month end accounting entries. We can also handle sales receipts at your request.

We can move your existing Excel records, or any other system, to your Xero system, usually within a few hours.


What can working with BookCheck and Xero bring to your business?

  • Automatic bank feeds - your bank account is linked to Xero, automatically pulling in your banking data
  • Regular updates - Xero automatically updates regularly so there is no need to buy software upgrades
  • Accessibility - Xero is online 24/7
  • Add-ons - a massive range of cloud-based solutions that plumb into Xero, saving even more time
  • Quality bookkeeping with management information - at your fingertips
  • Smart phone enabled - perfectly

Find out TODAY how BookCheck can help your business further.

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