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Management Reporting

Advanced Business Financial Reporting Services

For your business to succeed, your financial data should give you, every month, so much more than just the basic year end figures for your accountant.

  • Can you quickly and accurately pinpoint the specific areas of your business that are doing well… and not so well?
  • Can you drill down into the data to understand it fully and improve your profitability?

Even if your system can provide such information, producing the reports can be time consuming and far from straightforward.

BookCheck Advanced Reporting (BAR)

BookCheck Advanced Reporting (BAR) can transform your reporting AND your business decisions.

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BookCheck Advanced Reporting is your monthly personalised report

Using clear colour-coded graphics, to supplement your regular management accounting information

The range of charts makes business financial performance much easier to understand, identifying strengths and weaknesses across products and costs centres.

The BookCheck BAR system uses the significant amount of information held by your accounting system which is often effectively inaccessible to the system’s basic reporting functions. BAR breaks through this restriction via a live link from Xero or Sage into Excel. Each report is unique, individually tailored to your business and always professionally presented by a qualified accountant.

Let us show you how your Management Accounts can help improve the profitability of your business

BookCheck provide an integrated outsourced service for Bookkeeping with Management Accounts using both the leading software packages - Xero and Sage. Bringing together both services for clients, with the quality, sets us apart from other firms. We offer a single point of contact for all your bookkeeping enquiries, supported by a team of qualified accountants. We have provided regular, reliable financial information to companies throughout the UK for over 26 years.