Common Payroll Errors

The sort of errors we inherit

Is payroll a pain for you? We have many clients who came to us with existing problems, some of which they weren't even aware they had! Some of them very costly. Check over the list below to see what problems we have solved for our new clients over the last year

Incorrect submissions to HMRC Corrected all issues and submit revised info to HMRC
Pay components set up incorrectly
Attachment of Earnings incorrectly deducted
Non-filing penalties for 5 payrolls in a group Brought all PAYE schemes up to date and successfully appealed all penalties
Incorrect annual payrolls run for 5 director-only businesses Re-ran and resubmitted payrolls
Incorrect treatment of CIS resulting in penalties Sorted out a clear CIS process. Successfully appealed penalties
Employment allowance wrong, the company was in a group so it should not have been claimed Ensured that HMRC was notified to remove historic claim


NHS pension contributions not correctly calculated Historic analysis and re-calculation provided to client, outstanding contributions paid to pension provider
Pension scheme set up incorrectly leading to under-deduction of contributions across two tax years Reviewed, analysed and corrected all members and employer contributions
Reported to the pension regulator as contributions not uploaded to the pension provider
Unable to add a payroll to the Pension Regulator for re-declaration A call to the TPR found that they had submitted a Declaration of Compliance, then filed an exemption which is why the system didn’t allow a re-declaration. TPR needed to re-activate them


Directors set up incorrectly as employees NI incorrectly calculated
Wrong statutory maternity pay information given Wrong amounts paid, wrong ending dates, etc.
Employment allowance not claimed Not claimed or incorrectly claimed
Leavers not advised End-of-year figures inconsistent with HMRC
Tax codes not uplifted for the current year Wrong tax calculations
Pensions calculated incorrectly re tax relief, pre-tax when it should be post-tax or the opposite Double tax relief to employee, or no relief at all
Pensions being calculated on full salary when it should be qualified earnings only Wrong calculations for employees and employers