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Finding quality staff resources - how is it for you?

I reckon we are now experiencing our greatest challenge in our 20 years history in finding more quality Sage and Xero staff as we expand. This is especially the case in London although Bristol is almost as bad. Recently we received 33 serious applications for a book-keeper position. We narrowed that down to four good enough for interview, then speaking on the phone reduced this to two. The best candidate took a position before our planned interview, leaving one who just wasn't good enough. So we start again!

We've even had the same experience in recruiting a seventh qualified accountant for thoroughly checking of the work of the book-keepers at each month end - a unique feature of BookCheck. At least our clients are shielded from this task which is part of our attraction so this encourages us to succeed.

I have a feeling that this will be an ongoing challenge, probably becoming more difficult so we'll have to find other methods. We're so used to our standards, they're imbedded in all we do. It's clearly pointless compromising on quality as we'll suffer down the road. It's not even a pay issue, although wage rates are climbing steadily, that's hardly surprising. It's really a shortage of quality. We'll just have to try harder.

Speaking to other professionals it seems this is a common problem. How is it for you?

Anthony Pilkington FCA      Managing Director, BookCheck Ltd

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Two Firsts - it's never too late

The First First

Last week I addressed a CIMA evening seminar in Bristol. It was my first ever presentation to a purely professional group and the subject was Management Accounting for Growth.

It was a beautiful evening so I was hoping that we would manage as many as half a dozen in the audience. Imagine my surprise to find 40 had turned out and just about everyone took a brochure home.

The Second First

I have to admit that this was my first ever PowerPoint presentation. We've all suffered 'death by' and we've all winched when there's a technical hitch, as is so often the case. I cracked the first one by only having 17 slides for a 40 minute presentation and to cover the technical side I rehearsed until I was confident it worked. Then 15 minutes before the off, the organiser asked if he could run his PP intro on my computer! What should I do, I could see this messing up my careful arrangements but I allowed the sharing and fortunately all was well.

To my pleasant surprise learning PP was easy and intuitive. Slightly tricky pasting a pdf but I managed to work it out - now I'm ready for more.

The Subject

Well that's not the main point here but in essence: ensure quality, reconciled, prompt information and use it effectively otherwise it's a waste of time and money. Produce Gross Margin information and split it by sector, project, contract, office etc..

In addition key factors are:

•Finance •Cash Flow Forecast •Stock/WIP Control •Credit Management

and model the • Worst case scenario  

Contact me for the PP presentation:

Anthony Pilkington FCA

Managing Director, BookCheck Ltd