November 2016

Don't presume anything - if it's important

So first we had the long drawn out consideration of the EU Referendum, no it couldn't happen and no it shouldn’t and no it wouldn't but it did. We were bitten by the Brexit.

Just as we were beginning to come to terms with this 'surprise' we placed our bets on the US Presidency and guess what, another presumption bit the dust, in fact a whole string of them did, at all stages of the process.

So were they important - you bet. Did many presume too much - you bet.

If you own a business there's often one clear presumption which is important because it affects your profitability, income and value. That it’s not worth going to the trouble of producing quality Management Information such as monthly accounts. Do you want to bet?

Do you know your turnover, your order-book and all about what you sell - but of course. Do you know your profit margin percentage, how much net profit you made last month / year to date / compared with the previous year? Do you have a profit split between the key sectors of your business? Do you think that by measuring your performance you can improve it?

Maybe it's a good idea not to presume but to check it properly?

Anthony Pilkington

Managing Director

BookCheck Ltd