May 2014

Two Firsts - it's never too late

The First First

Last week I addressed a CIMA evening seminar in Bristol. It was my first ever presentation to a purely professional group and the subject was Management Accounting for Growth.

It was a beautiful evening so I was hoping that we would manage as many as half a dozen in the audience. Imagine my surprise to find 40 had turned out and just about everyone took a brochure home.

The Second First

I have to admit that this was my first ever PowerPoint presentation. We've all suffered 'death by' and we've all winched when there's a technical hitch, as is so often the case. I cracked the first one by only having 17 slides for a 40 minute presentation and to cover the technical side I rehearsed until I was confident it worked. Then 15 minutes before the off, the organiser asked if he could run his PP intro on my computer! What should I do, I could see this messing up my careful arrangements but I allowed the sharing and fortunately all was well.

To my pleasant surprise learning PP was easy and intuitive. Slightly tricky pasting a pdf but I managed to work it out - now I'm ready for more.

The Subject

Well that's not the main point here but in essence: ensure quality, reconciled, prompt information and use it effectively otherwise it's a waste of time and money. Produce Gross Margin information and split it by sector, project, contract, office etc..

In addition key factors are:

•Finance •Cash Flow Forecast •Stock/WIP Control •Credit Management

and model the • Worst case scenario  

Contact me for the PP presentation:

Anthony Pilkington FCA

Managing Director, BookCheck Ltd