March 2014

The Main Thing is that the Main Thing is the Main Thing

Years ago I attended a retirement party in London for the FD of a top company during which, after no doubt a few glasses of wine, he made this observation to me in terms of career advice. I was struggling with the words that evening but worked it out the next day.

More than twenty years later, a few months ago we re-branded to make really clear how very focussed we are. I hope we've succeeded. Over the twenty years we have aimed to follow his advice. Now we have two services but they don't interfere with each other. Our Main Thing is bookkeeping with management accounts.

We look around at the closest we can find as our competitors and invariably they offer far more services. We're very comfortable with this but perhaps I shouldn't say so. Of course it goes beyond branding into doing, so that needs a check from time to time. What's your Main Thing and is it the Main Thing?

Anthony Pilkington

MD, BookCheck Ltd

How does IT compare with Bookkeeping?

We've been working together with a Cloud IT provider on business development and have realised how very similar IT and bookkeeping departments are. They are both essential for the business but they can easily be: tricky, uncomfortable, problematic, a worry, costly if they go wrong and they both very definitely can suffer from staffing issues.

The moral is simple - choose very carefully otherwise on average you'll suffer the same problems again but don't be put off changing for the better. This is where outsourcing scores as it's easier to define, control and achieve the required standards. It's also a lot less worry.

Anthony Pilkington, BookCheck Ltd    

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