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24th May 2013
  BookCheck is in the middle between lenders and their customers - we hear both sides. Our clear and extensive experience is that there is a disconnect between the two. Whilst lending continues, the question is how many deals have been lost because of this. And how much are growth prospects being wasted? READ MORE
17th May 2013
  How do you demonstrate to a complete stranger that they should invest in your business? What makes your business more attractive? How do you reduce the cost of the money (i.e. sell less equity for more money?). Here are 15 ways you can show that you are better than other competing ideas. This is not an exclusive list, just some of the most important ones. READ MORE
10th May 2013
BookCheck has used a Mentor - here's how to do it. Mentors can provide a great deal of support and advice, whether you’re starting a business or growing an existing one.    READ MORE