Thrive Tribe

“BookCheck’s team members have all been a pleasure to work with - technically sound with excellent customer service. They are routinely flexible and happy to help meet our needs. Bookcheck has helped us get our financial systems and management organised and on the front foot, which in turn has helped the business grow significantly.”

Tim Roberts, Managing Director.

Thrive Tribe are an award-winning healthy lifestyle service provider. They were founded in 2008 with the aim of supporting people across the country to lead healthier, happier lives. Starting out as single stop smoking service, they are now a fully integrated healthy lifestyles service provider, offering a range of innovative services and programmes which are both customer focused and evidence based.

Before BookCheck

Accounting processes

  •  The outsourced service was not good – processes were inefficient  with duplications, lots of mistakes and operational struggles

  • Systems were imposed, including an unknown accounting system to which there was no access - this made life difficult

  • The chart of accounts had 8000 codes which gave rise to errors and a lack of confidence in reporting

  • A huge admin burden was placed on staff

  • There were unnecessary sub systems - Excels were taking a lot of time

  • Communication was particularly poor - it all felt remote and separate

  • It was costing too much

Accounts production and data

  • No transactions had been entered for months pending a move to Xero

  • Management Accounts hadn’t been produced for five months

  • Profit and Loss reporting wasn’t split between contracts

  • Accurate and prompt debtors information was missing

  • Budgets were missing from reporting


  • Contained errors every month

  • No defined timetable

  • Pension auto enrolment was a big hassle with many mistakes


  • The setup was not scalable & capable of dealing with their rapid growth

  • Book-keeping, reporting and payroll was a big hassle and a major distraction

With BookCheck


  • BookCheck’s team of 60 is a “safe pair of hands”

  • Costs have been reduced significantly

  • An efficient system

  • A successful migration to Xero with training & support

  • Prompt monthly Management Accounts, checked by a qualified accountant

  • Reports are gross and net margins per contract, custom designed

  • Communication is now good

  • Hassle has been removed from Payroll and Auto Enrolment, mistakes eliminated

  • At the Year End a detailed pack is promptly submitted to the external accountants

  • This transformation has released a lot of valuable management time

With BookCheck - the Solutions

BookCheck supported Thrive Tribe in moving their systems to Xero with efficient systems. This has reduced costs and improved the service. Quality monthly management accounts are now produced and the whole system is scalable to cope with significant growth.


Tim Roberts - Managing Director

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